4 New Year’s Traditions From Around the World

New Year's activities such as watching the ball drop in Times Square, drinking champagne and sharing a kiss at midnight are tried and true traditions for many. This year, kick off 2018 by trying a new tradition from around the world. Here are four of our favorites!

  1. In Greece, an onion is hung from the front door of the house on New Year’s Eye to symbolize rebirth for the coming year. Parents then wake up their children the next morning by tapping them on the head with the onion.
  2. In Turkey, it is tradition to sprinkle salt on your doorstep at midnight to bring peace and abundance to your home.
  3. In the Czech Republic, it is believed that the shape of an apple core when cut in half will predict what the new year has in store.
  4. In Mexico, homes are decorated with colors of the Mexican flag - red for love, yellow for work and green for money.

For more fun and festive New Year’s traditions, check out this list from Life Hack. What is your favorite?