4 Ways to Participate in Employee Appreciation Day

Employee smiling in Employee Appreciation Day

Every year on the first Friday of March, employers across the country participate in Employee Appreciation Day. Recognizing and celebrating your employees is essential to a happy and productive workplace. This year, take time to recognize and express your appreciation for the hard work of your employees. Here are four creative ideas to get you started.

  1. Treat your employees to breakfast or lunch. Bring in bagels, pastries and yogurt parfait ingredients for a delicious breakfast in the office or surprise them with a lunch out on you.
  2. Give back and organize an office volunteer event. Arrange for the office to volunteer for an afternoon at a local non-profit organization. Not only is this a great opportunity for team bonding and give employees a chance to do something outside of the office, it creates a positive impact on your community.
  3. Deliver handwritten thank you cards to each employee. If the office is too large for that, type up personalized emails for each employee or send a heartfelt email to the entire team.
  4. Recognize them with a gift, award or certificate from Awards4U. Our staff is always available to help you find the perfect way to recognize your employees.

What is your favorite way to recognize and celebrate your employees? Today, the Awards4U team is being recognized with a catered breakfast and gift cards. We are also celebrating the 10th anniversary of one of our employees! 

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