4 Ways to Recognize Your Loved Ones on Valentine’s Day

Contrary to popular (and cynical) belief, Valentine’s Day isn’t just a “Singles Awareness Day” for people without significant others. It’s also a day to celebrate the family and friends you care for! This year, be sure to recognize any and all of the loved ones in your life, including but not limited to, parents, grandparents, siblings, children, aunts, uncles, cousins, pets and of course, your friends!

If giant stuffed teddy bears, rose bouquets and boxes of chocolate aren’t your thing this year, we can offer a few alternatives beyond the classics. Here are 4 ways you can recognize your loved one during the holiday:

  1. Trip down memory lane: Remember the days when you had to give everyone in your class a Valentine’s Day card? Pick up a pack at your local drugstore or supermarket and fill them out for friends and family.
  2. Lunch with friends: Leslie Knope of Parks & Rec popularized Galentine’s Day to celebrate her friends. You can keep it more low-key by picking a date to escape the office for a lunch hour with pals.
  3. Give a sweet start: With Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday this year, you can celebrate with a pancake breakfast and experiment with holiday-themed shapes like hearts or Xs and Os. And here’s a tip - an empty, well-washed ketchup bottle serves as a great tool for turning batter into fun designs.
  4. Walk and talk: Did you know that February is American Heart Month? Catch up with friends or family members during a walk around the neighborhood or your local park. Not only will you get to spend some time face-to-face instead of connecting through phone calls or texts, you’ll have the added benefit of sneaking in heart-healthy exercise.