Adventure time!

Calling all adventure-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts! Did you know that August is American Adventure Month? While a grand outdoor adventure to a national park may be ideal, we understand that not everyone can get away on vacation. But that doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun! Celebrate American Adventure Month by going on mini-adventures in your hometown. Here are ten ideas to get you started.

  1. Get lost on purpose. Download the Drift app and see where the road takes you!
  2. Visit the closest body of water. Hop in the car and drive to the nearest beach, lake, river or pond and spend a few quiet moments by the water.
  3. Go camping- in your own backyard! Pitch a tent, make some s'mores and gaze up at the stars without leaving your home.
  4. Plan a day outdoors. Invite friends and family to join you and spend a whole day outside. You can go on a hike, try your hand at geocaching, host a picnic or play sports.
  5. Get lost in a book. Pick out a book (or work your way through the entire list) from this compilation of the 100 greatest adventure books of all time and escape your surroundings.
  6. Visit a place you’ve never been in your town. It could be your next favorite spot!
  7. Pop some popcorn and explore the natural world by watching Planet Earth and other nature documentaries.
  8. Host an international dinner potluck and invite guests to bring a dish from a foreign country.
  9. Go on a self-guided tour of your town and learn about its history. You may be surprised by the things you’ll learn!
  10. Satisfy your wanderlust and plan a trip. Choose your a destination and start planning your next big adventure. Be a savvy traveler and save some money by using one of these budget-friendly travel guides.

We hope you take an adventure this month, big or small, will those you love.