Celebrate Work Anniversaries

We know how important anniversaries are in our personal lives — forget a wedding anniversary at your own risk! But recognizing work anniversaries can be a wonderful way to applaud loyalty, and celebrate company milestones.

In the past it was assumed people would work for companies for long periods. But today’s younger members of the workforce don’t expect to work for the same company for most of their career, and even our baby boomers have been bumped around by the last few years’ stumbling economy. Recognizing the employees who stick with you and provide leadership and continuity for your company shows all your employees that they will be rewarded for their loyalty and length of service.

Company anniversaries are equally important — reminding your customers and employees of your longevity in business is a powerful tool that says — “you can rely on us.” Recognize those work anniversaries and make it an opportunity to celebrate a company culture that values loyalty.