Education is Empowerment

Women have a very interesting history from pretending to be men to get their writing published to petitioning for the right to vote. They had to overcome many obstacles to be publicly recognized as important parts of society. This quote from Helen Keller sums up the attitude of the movement perfectly:

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.

This quote encompasses my approach to appreciating Women’s History month. I view their history as a battle to overcome the obstacles placed in front of them. Overcoming obstacles is something everyone has struggled with. So we can all relate. These women are great role models for perseverance. They fought for a movement they felt passionate about, and I think we can learn a lot from their stories. The theme for this year—‘Women’s Education-Women’s Empowerment’—hits very close to home with Florida State since they actually started out as a women’s college. FSU makes a special effort to celebrate every year, but this theme in particular coincides perfectly with FSU’s history and Women’s history. This year they have events going on all month to honor the rich history of women. Women’s History Month, like many of the other National Holidays is just a short amount of time dedicated to an important group. Just because there’s only one month or day dedicated to an important part of our history, shouldn’t stop us from celebrating year round.  So be sure to spend some time in immersing yourself in Women’s History!