Good Habits for Summertime

There’s nothing like the summer. The days are longer, the sun is hotter and there is something about the simpleness of it all that just makes it a great time of year. Here are some good habits to get into during the summer season.

  1. Wear Sunscreen. This one seems like a no-brainer, but sunscreen isn’t just for those trips to the beach or ballpark. It’s a good habit to wear sunscreen everyday during these months, especially for children and those with fairer, more sensitive skin. Sun exposure during the summer months is more intense than the rest of the year!
  2. Get outside. Just because the sun’s rays are out, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be! Don’t let the heat stop you from enjoying nature. Be prepared for an outdoor adventure by staying hydrated, wearing sunscreen and other protective gear! There are plenty of adventures the whole family can enjoy right here in Tallahassee and its surrounding areas.
  3. Explore your town. Take advantage of the great things that your town has to offer, both in and outdoors! If you’re looking to escape the heat, try visiting a new restaurant, enjoy one of our several museums, or take a trip to the movie theater.
  4. Family Meals. There’s nothing like sharing meals together as a family. They’re even easier in the summer when the kids aren’t as busy with school work! Maybe invite the neighbors over, or make it a backyard BBQ. Mixing things up from the standard nightly routine will make the whole family appreciate the quality time even more.