Praise Pays

In a world where we are constantly measuring effectiveness and looking for ways to set ourselves apart from the competition, the attitude of our workforce matters. In fact statistics show that it pays to keep your workforce happy. Happy employees are more productive, better leaders, more creative and better team players. Conversely, unhappy employees are almost always detrimental to business. Ever wish there were an easy button for improving the morale of your workforce? Making changes in your culture doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. The important thing is that you start somewhere and a good place to start, that doesn’t cost you anything, is the mirror.  That’s right. A good place to start is with yourself, or the way you relate to your employees to be specific. Rule #1 - Give Praise Where Praise is Due. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t appreciate a sincere compliment. This doesn’t have to take any more time than you already have. It simply takes being a little more observant and thoughtful. Think of it this way. When you find someone doing something right, give a sincere compliment right then and there. Don’t wait until later, don’t make it up, and don’t use it as a bargaining tool. Simply look for behavior worth complimenting. Start tomorrow and make it your goal to find something work related that is worth complimenting every day, No matter how big or small the task, if you mean it and you say it out loud, the result will almost always be more good behavior. Our daily actions are highly correlated with our success or failure. By committing to one new positive action every day, we will start to see positive reactions in return. It won’t solve all your problems or create a perfect world, but it is a really good place to start. Because as your employees start to feel cared about, they will begin to care more about the quality and integrity of their jobs. What are some examples of encouragement you have either used or appreciated in your workplace?  Share your thoughts here and stay tuned for more ways encouragement can increase your bottom line.