Recognition 4 Everyone

Recognition is a gift that should be experienced by everyone. Throughout our lives, we all have various people that we admire for many reasons and it's important that we take time aside to recognize them for the amazing people that they are. For our 'Recognition 4 Everyone' campaign, we asked a few folks in the community to talk briefly about people in their lives that they would like to recognize, and if they could, what type of special award would they give them. It was a lot of fun and the stories that our participants shared was well worth the time spent. In this piece, Awards4U's Justin Varn introduces the campaign series from one of Tallahassee's most beloved sites, Lake Ella. Stay tuned to Awards4U, both here and throughout our social media platforms, as we continue to share these amazing stories and their fantastic personal image odes to those whom they would like to recognize. We're4EverydayFolks!