Recognize Others on National Compliment Day

What better way to celebrate the art of recognition than by participating in National Compliment Day? At Awards4U, we believe every day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate others. However, the hustle and bustle of our daily lives can often leave us forgetful to recognize those at work, home or school. Today, we encourage you to recognize and praise the accomplishments or contributions of others. Not only will a sincere compliment brighten someone’s day, but it will foster an environment of gratitude.

At work, brighten your coworker or employee’s day by sending a staff-wide email praising a recent achievement.

At home, leave little notes for your spouse or children to find. Thank them for their contributions around the house or compliment the qualities you love most about them.

At school, encourage your child to compliment their teacher(s) and thank them for all they do with handwritten notes.

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