Recognizing Mom: 4 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

We know, moms and mother figures deserve a whole lot more than one day of recognition. Think about what means most to your mom and plan to celebrate her on Mother's Day or on any day!


  1. Stop and smell the roses - other other blooms. If mom’s a big fan of the outdoors and florals, take her for a walk in a park. In Tallahassee, Maclay Gardens and Dorothy B. Oven Park provide plenty of picturesque views and flowering plants.

  2. Pamper her. For some moms, this might mean breakfast in bed. Others might prefer an extra hour of sleep. Think about her favorite way to indulge in some “me time” and make it happen.

  3. Take on her tasks. Before Mother’s Day, write up a list of all the usual weekend to-dos your mom takes care of. Then, do them for her so she can spend the weekend having fun and enjoying family instead of folding laundry, vacuuming or prepping snacks for soccer games.

  4. Plan a ladies night for her and her friends. Help book a babysitter or host the kids at your house and let the moms have a night out. Book a dinner reservation or buy movie tickets in advance so she doesn’t have to stress.