Words Words Words

Everyone loves a countdown. Think New Year’s Eve, the start of old movies, and David Letterman’s Top Ten. The 4s compiles decades of experience in recognizing excellence into Advice 4U.  Ladies and gentlemen…The 4s. The inscription is probably the most important part of the award. It should be something that really touches the recipient, something that positively displays your appreciation, admiration or gratitude. Even though space restrictions can sometimes reduce the quantity of lettering on a given piece, it does not have to diminish the quality of the message. I know it can be hard to come up with the right words to make an appropriate statement from you to the recipient. If you get tongue tied this might help. 4 Guidelines to Crafting Inscriptions

  1. Humor. Laughter is the best kind of medicine. A humorous or witty inscription for a recipient to can brighten their day each time they see it. Whether it’s a funny event from the recipient's life or a joke related to their profession putting a smile on someone’s face is rewarding for everyone.
  2. Quote. Sometimes someone else’s words say it better than you could have.
  3. Personal Connection. Connections are hard to find, so hold on tight when you do. You could even give someone an award just for understanding the way you think. Highlight your special connection by adding a line only the two of you would get.
  4. Workplace. This is the time to put your writing skills to the test. You might not even know who the recipient will be when purchasing the award, so keep it short and sweet. Just because it’s a more formal atmosphere doesn’t mean you can’t write in a conversational tone!

Don’t 4get:  We’re here to help. We have sample wording and a thesaurus of award terms just for U!