4 Ways to Recognize Employee Success

A business is only as good as the people who work there, so it’s important for business owners to communicate their appreciation for them, and sometimes that goes beyond words.

The goals of the company, employer and employee all matter. In order to achieve those goals, employees and employers need an opportunity to discuss their personal and professional goals. That’s where evaluations come in. During regularly scheduled reviews, employers have the chance to reflect on an employee’s strengths, discuss growth seen since the last evaluation and reward them accordingly.

There are many ways to recognize an employee for an outstanding evaluation. Not sure of the best way to acknowledge a member or your team’s success? Here are four ideas to get you started.

Give them a raise

One of the most common, and often most appreciated, ways you can reward employees for their great performance is by increasing their salary. As an employee’s duties and importance to the company increases, so should their salary.  While your budget may not allow for a large raise, even a small increase can make a positive impact. Giving your employees a boost in pay, when possible, shows that you’ve noticed their hard work and commitment and you appreciate their contributions to the business. A simple pay raise can increase employee satisfaction, boost morale and encourage continued hard work.

Give them a promotion

For many people, upward mobility is a major factor when deciding if a job is right for them.  If your goal is to keep employees long-term, it is necessary to provide opportunities for them to advance their careers. As employees begin taking on more responsibilities within a business, their title should evolve to accurately reflect the requirements of their job. Often, employees will gain new competencies or continue their education during their time with a company. These advancements should be taken into consideration in their evaluations, and they should be promoted accordingly.

Give them a small incentive

All employee recognition doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive for an employer. When employees do something impressive, you can acknowledge a job well done with a small token of appreciation. Low-cost incentives such as gift cards, catered lunches, flexible hours or even a relaxed dress code for the day can go a long way. When other employees see this positive reinforcement, they will be motivated to perform at a higher level, also.

Give them an award

Recognition makes people feel good about themselves, and when an employee receives an award to display, they’re reminded of that positive feeling. Whether it’s a small trophy, certificate of appreciation, or another unique recognition item, employers should celebrate their employees’ achievements with a keepsake that they can cherish forever.

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