All You Need is Love

Everyone loves a countdown. Think New Year’s Eve, the start of old movies, and David Letterman’s Top Ten. The 4s compiles decades of experience in recognizing excellence into Advice 4U.  Ladies and gentlemen…The 4s. While most people cringe at the thought of Valentine’s Day, I personally love any excuse to recognize my loved ones. On a holiday dedicated to love it can be difficult to find the best way to celebrate with the people you care about. All you have to do is plan ahead. 4 Ways to Recognize a Loved One

  1. Spread the love. You might be lucky enough to have a significant other on this special day, but don’t forget about all the other people in your life. Close friends, family, and even your co-workers deserve some love on February 14th. That’s a lot of people who need some love, so keep it simple. Personalized e-cards are always a big hit. If you want to go old school you can send them boxes of candy hearts to let them know how much you care.
  2. Public professions. Valentine’s Day is notorious for over-the-top gifts. Could be having a poem read aloud to you in front of all your co-workers, classmates, students, etc. Could be a massive bouquet of flowers and balloons. Could be a candy gram and a massive teddy bear. If you really want to make a splash, plan your public profession a few days before or after Valentine’s Day. It’ll definitely be a surprise that will go down in the books.
  3. Get creative. There are so many gift options surrounding this holiday it just seems too easy. Everyone says it’s the thought that counts. From a hand-written story about how you met your loved one to delivering a rose every hour from 9am to 9pm, there are a lot of ways to get creative. As long as the idea comes from you and means something to your significant other it will be appreciated.
  4. Call on the experts. If you simply can’t think of anything special for your special someone. Give us a call. We’re here to help!

Don’t let Valentine’s Day be the only time you use these techniques. Saying ‘I love you’ is the way to go 4 the entire year!