Here’s to Hard Workers: Awards4U Honors Local Students with Medallion Awards

It’s time to give the hard workers the credit they deserve. They aren’t necessarily the valedictorians, and they might not be all-star athletes — but they are highly motivated students who achieve — oftentimes without the promise of a reward.

While standard measures of success can underestimate these individuals, Awards4U’s Medallion Awards Program recognizes Tallahassee high school students who might not normally receive acknowledgment for their efforts.

The annual Medallion Awards Program invites high school teachers to nominate their students who stand out in a broad range of ways. Awards4U sets no specific nomination criteria, and teachers can select students with accomplishments spanning from improving class grades to saving someone’s life.

This spring, Awards4U honored 187 students from six local high schools: Amos P. Godby High School, Lawton Chiles High School, Leon High School, Lincoln High School, Rickards High School and SAIL High School. A full list of each Medallion Award recipient is included below.

Awards4U President and CEO Sam Varn introduced the awards program in 1987, and after attending one of the very early awards ceremonies, Varn saw the effect it had on students, teachers and parents. He then decided to continue the program for as long as he was able.

“There are so many students that are just doing the best they can and if they are giving their all or making a difference somehow, then why shouldn’t they be recognized?” said Varn. “Acknowledging somebody’s hard work and dedication is important, not only to help them understand for their own benefit that it was worthwhile but also for them to understand that their accomplishment has value.”

Here’s to all the hard workers out there. Your effort is award worthy.

Spring 2015 Medallion Award Winners

Godby H.S. Achievement Medallion Award

Anas Al-Humiari
Keandra Allen
Miguel Arias
Whitney Baptista
Faith Barcena
De'Anthony Brown
Yamani Bryant-McCray
Katelyn Burns
Albert Cannon
Ruth Castro
Patricia Cenatus
Bryce Collins
Brandon Debique
Alicia Duncan
Shoniece Edwards
Elizabeth Furney
Sandra Garcia
Davianna Gavions
Sebastian (Juan) Gil
Daniel Gonzalez
Kierra Hackett
Wyatt Hall
Charissia Hill
Austyn Hodges
Arionna Hunt
TrayVonne Kelley
Mary Kilcoyne
Jada McNeil
Kariim Mills
Jacquez Murphy
Thai Nguyen
Nick Ocampo
Jacque’z Parks
Shikeria Peoples
Torkianna Phillips
Jordan Rogers
David Sapp
Desada Sapp
Thad Singletary
Takia Smith
Richard Summers
Clarissa Tejada
Jasmine Thomas
Brianna Tillery
Adam Turner
Aaron Watson
Markel Williams

Chiles Pride of the Pack Medallion Award

Paxton Brock
Mackenzie Cameron
Rebecca Chesnut
Jessica Chorpening
Elizabeth Culverhouse
Paul Donaldson
Codi Esser
Heather Fish
Dontrell Gay
Gillian Golemboski
Anna Jane Hand
Shaun Hawk
Sophia Heil
Dallas Kennedy
Alex Koberda
Mary LaJoie
Lindsey Liebrecht
Ginger Lee Lovelady
Kyra Marshall
Shannon Milling
Dasha Rajunas
Laura Reeves
Landon Simpkins
Melanie Spencer
Brennan Stoner
Ben Strickland
Selena Thabes
Parker Waltz
Annie Watts
Aljavon Wiggins
Collin Williams
Sarah Wilkinson
Marquez Young
Merrick Zweydorff

Leon’s Pride Award

Phalis Anderson
Shalis Anderson
Solana Banks
Kaitlynn Benn
Ramonica Brito
Taishe Brown
T’Shaun Brown
Matthew Cashin
Cae'lah Davis
Donovan Doud
Nancy Engel
Tiambernique Gilyard
Anton Glass
Gabrielle Green
Noor Haifa
Elley Hall
Clara Houghton
Olivia Kercheval-Roig
Charles Lang
Sean Kurt Macalacad
Breanna Mason
Jikeria McSwain
Madison Miller
Jamilah Mitchell
Isabel Nuñez
Savannah Poplin
Mia Robinson
Michaela Robinson
Kayleigh Schepers
Sallie Smith
Ezreyah Turner
Bailey Werner
Michaela Westmoreland
Titus Williams
Bergstrom “Strom” Wingate

Lincoln Special Recognition Award

Ayeh Aburayyan
Javonte Austin
Mara Bernstein
Branden Cloud
Christianna Collins
Brantley Goodson
John Hutto
Ayusha Mahajan
Leighton Martin
Ashunte Mobley
Connor Oakes
Quadaysha Pleas
Michael Punausuia
Ethan Smith
Travis Smith
Dahlia Valles
Sophia Vo
Garrett White
Asantewaa Yamoah

Rickards IMAGE Award Winners

Curel Adams
Timothy Baisden
Tallas Bradley
Tylen Buckner
Collin Chambers
LaChina Clayton
Larry Coker
Byren Collier
Trevon Davis
Nykerriyah Denson
Kameela Grayson
Tavyn Jackson
Chloe Moody
Jennifer Dela Pena
Jamia Pye
Kendrick Reed
Gabriel Rico-Aldaz
Preston Robinson
Viridiana Vela
Kayshana Williams

SAIL H.S. Pirate Medallion Award

Michael Amos
McKayla Bailey
Caleb Bell-Barber
Laura Benditt
Alex Brown
Kashambriya Chester
Maribeth Curci
Kelsey Giddens
Azure Harvey
Jada Hollie
Jacob Huff
Lindsey Jarrell
Ayinde Jerome
Nolan Johnson
Anthony Mantay
Heidi Mims
Emily Morales
Gabriel Morrill
Kirkland Pack
Tyler Patterson
Corey Pillsbury
Gwen Richardson
Kayci Sheldon
Skylar Sherrod
Zoe Sullivan
Emily Symeon
Cynthia Torres
Christopher Whiting
Sona Wiard