A Jet-Setting Award for a Well-Traveled Best Friend

We can all relate to having a friend that we admire because of how multi-talented they are and how willing they are to explore multiple avenues for a myriad of reasons, be they personally, professionally, or otherwise. For Julia, her best friend Hanna is that person. Julia greatly admires Hanna for her love of travel and how Hanna commits to learning the languages of the places that she visits. Hanna puts in a great deal of dedication and hard work to learn various native tongues, and Julia really likes to see Hanna go through that process. Having Hanna as a friend is inspiring for Julia, and she can think of no better way to show her admiration for her friend than by bestowing her with the coveted Hardcore Multilingual Award! Check out Julia's video feature and remember, We're4EverydayFolks!