Methods of Motivation

Everyone loves a countdown. Think New Year’s Eve, the start of old movies, and David Letterman’s Top Ten. The 4s compiles decades of experience in recognizing excellence into Advice 4U.  Ladies and gentlemen…The 4s. You need to find a way to motivate your employees. I know I’m about to hear a chorus of, “But I pay them, that should be motivation enough.” However, paycheck = required (that is unless you have a team of serfs tilling the earth for you). Take it from the Zen Master, recognition goes far beyond a paycheck. Great recognition can spark a revolution that motivates your team to go above and beyond, from required to remarkable. 4 Methods of Motivation (that are better than money)

  1. Praise. When someone does something nice, you typically say thanks. Why not bring that praise into the workplace? Whether it’s a handshake or a sticky note on a desk, employees like to know that the small things they do get noticed.
  2. Lunch. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is true for the gals, too! Everyone loves a free lunch, so if an employee has impressed you reward them with a delicious meal.
  3. Celebrate the successes, share the disappointments. Create a sense that we’re in this together. It’s important for your employees to know that you are right there with them through thick and thin. Make sure to reward employees for getting through the tough times too!
  4. Small rewards. When your employees live your mission and provide great service, a simple thanks doesn’t feel like quite enough. Personalized pens, mugs, key chains and other small tokens give a little boost that says, “Keep up the good work!”

Don’t 4get:  We’ve got all kinds of recognition gear over here. As we like to say, “A little recognition goes a long way.”